When you invest in solid wood flooring, you get a floor that only looks better with time.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: January 19, 2021

Top 5 Cheapest Solid Wood Floors

The natural beauty and the feel of rich wood underfoot are hard to experience in any other type of flooring. Moreover, wood ages gracefully. When you invest in solid wood flooring, you get a floor that only looks better with time.

Here are some of the cheapest solid hardwood flooring options that offer the best value for your money.

LFUK Solid Wood Floors

LFUK are known for their stunning shades and superb performance. These floors have a robust construction, which makes them highly moisture-resistant. As a result, issues such as buckling and warping that are common to solid wood floors do not impact the stability of these floors.

LFUK floors are suitable for areas that experience heavy foot traffic. They are also great for moisture-prone spaces such as kitchens and conservatories.

Linton Solid Wood Floors

Linton is one of the cheapest solid wood floors out there. It offers a wide range of solid wood floors in attractive patterns and shades. These floors boast different surface treatments, which give them stunning visual features and durability. Thanks to these finishes, these floors can withstand the pressure of heavy footfall.

Linton floors are resistant to scratches, stains, insects and allergens. They do not change their shape following changes in humidity and temperature, which makes them extremely safe and stable underfoot.

Atkinson & Kirby Solid Wood Floors

Atkinson & Kirby is a European manufacturer producing cheapest solid wood flooring for commercial, residential and sports settings. These floors are known for their Danish craftsmanship and durability that lasts for generations!

Atkinson & Kirby offer a variety of wood species in different shades ranging from light to dark and every contrast in between. Whether you’re after brilliant textures or unusual shades, Atkinson & Kirby has a special floor for every need.

These floors are great in terms of performance. They are impact-tolerant and great at reducing noise. They are easy to install, clean and maintain. They work extremely well with underfloor heating systems.

Hadlow Solid Wood Floors

Hadlow offers high quality solid wood floors made of fine European oak. Beautiful characteristics that are unique to oak wood are brilliantly highlighted on these floors. So, no matter where you install the floor, it will attract instant attention and awe.

These floors are available in an unfinished format, which means you can choose the surface treatment to derive the exact looks and performance of your choice.

Stories Flooring Solid Wood Floors

Experience the beauty of single-plank solid wood floors with Stories Flooring's own brand. These floors feature a thick wear layer, which makes them resistant to wear and tear. They can be re-sanded more than once, which means you can update your floor easily.

Stories Flooring floors are resistant to scratches, stains and colour-fading, thanks to their expert surface treatment. They are easy to clean and maintain in the long run.

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