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Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: July 15, 2022

Laminate Flooring Vs SPC Flooring

With so many fantastic flooring options available these days, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your home. Improvements in materials and techniques have levelled the playing field between the different flooring types on offer.

Quick-Step Impressive Patterns Chevron Oak Brown IPA4162 Laminate FlooringProduct: Quick-Step Impressive Patterns Chevron Oak Brown IPA4162 Laminate Flooring

Laminate and SPC flooring are two of the most popular types chosen by homeowners across the UK. The question is, how do you decide which one is right for your home or business?

SPC Flooring Installed in Offices

In this new blog, you’ll discover the differences between laminate and SPC flooring, alongside the factors to consider when selecting the best one for your environment.

What is Laminate Flooring Made From?

Like engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring is constructed with multiple layers. Its surface layer features a hyper-realistic photographic layer, re-creating the look of real stone or wood.

Laminate Flooring Vs SPC Flooring - Laminate Flooring Installed

A resin top layer is also added above the photo finish, helping to keep it well protected. The middle of the planks contains an HDF core, providing fantastic durability all around. We have more information on what laminate flooring is here.

What is SPC Flooring Made From?

SPC, or Stone Plastic Composite flooring, is one of the latest types of floors introduced onto the market. They are constructed with multiple layers just like laminate and engineered wood. However, what sets them apart is the ultra-tough core made with a mixture of stabilisers and limestone for maximum durability.

The surface of the floors contains a photographic layer, giving them a realistic wood and stone effect. These luxury floors are one of the most practical and aesthetically pleasing flooring types available to purchase. You can read more about what SPC flooring is here.

Which is Waterproof?

Laminate floors are water resistant, which means they are ideal for family homes. However, don’t confuse water resistance with waterproof. While these floors will withstand spills, they shouldn’t be installed in high-moisture environments unless you invest in a waterproof variety.

Water Spilled on Laminate Flooring

SPC floors on the other hand, are 100% waterproof. This allows you to install them in practically any area of the home or business. It also adds to their ease of maintenance, enabling you to mop the floor thoroughly when needed.

Comparing Durability

Laminate floors are considered some of the toughest on the market. Thanks to their layered construction and resin top layer, they boast fantastic durability. They are difficult to scratch, and they typically come with a generous guarantee.

Lusso Bentley Portofino Rigid Core Sunshine Oak SPCP205Product: Lusso Bentley Portofino Rigid Core Sunshine Oak SPCP205

SPC floors are some of the most durable you can invest in. They don’t just contain one protective layer – they contain several. First up, there is a UV coating applied to each plank and tile, protecting the floor from fading or becoming discoloured over time. There is also a wear layer added, ramping up the floor’s scratch and wear resistance. A vinyl topcoat layer, meanwhile, helps to ensure the floors are fully waterproof, and a durable core is included for maximum stability.

Installing Laminate vs SPC Flooring

All laminate and SPC floors are installed via a click system. This makes them easy to fit, even for those without any prior experience. The planks and tiles simply click together with ease, providing a speedy and simplistic installation.

Laminate Flooring Installation Vs SPC Flooring Installation

Room Suitability

SPC floors can be installed in a wider range of environments than laminate flooring. This is largely down to its ultra-tough and waterproof design. You can install SPC floors in bathrooms, basements, and conservatories without worrying about water damage.

Lifestyle Floors Love Aqua Waves Water Resistant Laminate FlooringProduct: Lifestyle Floors Love Aqua Waves Water Resistant Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors aren’t naturally waterproof, but you can find varieties that are. This means you may be able to install them in high moisture environments provided you invest in the right type. We have more information on the best types of flooring for bathrooms here.

Comparing Insulation

Laminate and SPC floors can be installed with compatible underfloor heating systems. This means they can be kept extra warm during colder weather. Both will produce a slight noise when walked over, though SPC offers more soundproofing benefits than laminate. If you want to reduce the noise created by a laminate floor, you’ll need to install a sound reducing barrier underlay.

Laminate & SPC Styles & Effects

Laminate and SPC floors come with the same types of styles and effects. Both offer wood and stone effects, and benefit from a realistic look thanks to a photographic top layer.

Stone Effect SPC Flooring

You will find hundreds of designs available such as parquet, herringbone, stone tiles and straight planks in both flooring types to suit any existing décor.

Comparison Table

Laminate Flooring SPC Flooring
Construction Multi-layered synthetic wood Multi-layered vinyl construction with a Stone Composite core
Waterproof No, though waterproof varieties are available Yes
Durability Scratch resistant, capable of lasting 10-30 years & suitable for heavy traffic areas Highly durable, capable of lasting decades, suitable for heavy traffic areas
Installation Click system or Gluedown Click system
Room Suitability All rooms All rooms
Insulation Compatible with underfloor heating Compatible with underfloor heating
Effects Stone, wood, and abstract effects Stone, wood, and abstract effects
Laying Patterns Stone tile, wood plank, herringbone, chevron, Versailles & basket-weave Stone tile, wood plank, herringbone, chevron, Versailles & basket-weave


There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to which type of flooring is better. Mostly, it comes down to personal preference and budget. However, you will need to take into account the factors mentioned above to ensure the floor is suitable for your chosen room.

Infographic: Laminate Vs SPC

Download the Laminate Flooring Vs SPC Flooring Infographic Here

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