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Find out how to install LVT design feature strips

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: August 15, 2023

How to Install LVT Design Strips

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring has become a popular choice for UK homeowners. They are made to mimic real wood and stone floors providing a beautiful finish. To enhance their look further, you can opt to install LVT designer strips.

Photo of LVT design strips that look like tile grout

Here you will discover what LVT design strips are and how to install them. Need help installing your actual floor? Don’t miss our expert guide showing you how to install LVT flooring.

1. What are LVT Design Strips?

LVT design strips are made to mimic the look of grout. Real tiles have grout between them, creating a well-defined finish. LVT flooring looks like real tiles and planks, but it lacks grout between the tiles. LVT design strips fill in the gap to produce a more realistic finish. Depending upon the type of luxury vinyl tile edge profile you choose, you may or may not need to install these strips.

Photo of LVT design strips being installed

The strips are also known as grouting strips or design strips. They are available in a wide range of designs. This allows you to customise your finish more than you can with real grout. It is important to note that they can also only be used alongside glue-down LVT. You can use them with both planks and tiles.

2. How Many Will You Need?

To decide how many designer strips you will need, you will need to know the size of the tiles. You will also need to have room measurements to hand. Multiply the number of boxes you are buying with the dimensions of each tile.

Close up photo of LVT design strips

This can be a confusing process. If you have any trouble working out how many you need, then you can read our guide how to measure for LVT design strips here.

3. How to Install LVT Design Strips

Fitting LVT design strips is a relatively straightforward task. Firstly, you will need to plan where the strips will go. Full strips should be placed in the same direction. Pre-cut strips on the other hand should be placed in the opposite direction.

You will need to cut the strips to size to match the staggered planks and tiles. Remember, the design strips fit around the perimeter of the planks and tiles. You can create a more unique look by creating a border with the strips. They can be used in numerous ways, giving you complete design flexibility.

A diagram of how to install LVT designer strips

The strips should be fitted as tightly as they can be between the tiles and planks. They should be glued down with adhesive. Wipe away any excess adhesive as you go. If you leave the glue to dry, you may damage the tiles when trying to remove it.

All glue-down luxury vinyl floors can be enhanced with LVT design strips. The above is a brief guide on how to install them. Remember, you cannot use LVT design strips with click system luxury vinyl flooring.


  • If you are installing the strips around the perimeter of the room, make sure to start in a corner and work your way out. This will help to ensure that the strips are aligned properly.
  • If you are cutting the strips to fit around an obstacle, such as a door or a baseboard, use a coping saw to make the cuts. This will help to create a smooth, even edge.
  • If you are installing the strips in a high-traffic area, you may want to consider using a grout sealer. This will help to protect the grout from stains and wear.


  • Wear safety glasses and gloves when working with adhesive.
  • Be careful not to step on the strips until the adhesive has dried completely.
  • If you are using a utility knife, be sure to use a sharp blade and to cut away from your body.

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