30.03.18 Review

Holt Engineered Wood Flooring Review

Written by: Yarl Christie

If you admire solid wood floors but are intimidated by their high maintenance requirements and their low tolerance for wear and tear, it’s time to switch to Holt engineered wood floors.

Why Holt you ask?

Because Holt brings highest quality European wood to your homes and offices! Apart from fabulous looks, there are numerous other features that make them a reliable product for a lifetime.

Holt Engineered Wood - The In-Depth Review

Holt Engineered Wood floors feature a multi-layer design. The top layer, also known as the wear layer, is 2.5mm thick, which means you can re-sand these floors up to 2 times during their lifetime.

So, if your floor has ugly dark stains or has been otherwise damaged, re-sanding job will restore your Holt engineered wood floor to its former glory!

The top visible layer is also the one that carries the rich solid wood surface that you see on the floor. Holt floors use superior quality European oak for the top layer. The different shades available within the range are unique in expression and are perfect for any room in residential and commercial setting.

There is then a core layer in the middle and a backing layer made of superior quality wood that offer extra stability and strength to the floors. These layers are glued together at varying angles. This makes such exceptional strength and stability possible.

The multi-layer engineered construction enables the floors to respond extremely well to underfloor heating.

Adding to the looks of the floors is the 4-sided micro bevel design, which imparts a flat and even surface. The consistent look of the floors makes them apt for any interior, traditional, contemporary or trendy.

Holt Horsford Brushed & Lacquered Oak 2200mm x 130mmProduct: Holt Horsford Brushed & Lacquered Oak 2200mm x 130mm

If you love your floor in its original form - with knots, splits and other beautiful imperfections visible - then Holt floors fulfil your wish! These floors come in rustic grade quality, which means all those beautiful splits, knots and blemishes are retained as is.

These imperfections lend the perfect wood look to the floors, adding warmth and character to your interiors. From a contemporary design point of view, these imperfections add a novel touch giving a stylish look to your interiors.

Enhancing the looks and performance of the Holt Engineered Wood floors is the surface treatment they receive. These floors come with a matt lacquered finish, which enhances the authentic wood surface look giving a rich character and personality to the floors.

Matt lacquer treatment also improves the usability of the floor. Holt Engineered Wood floors can be used in heavy traffic environments as they tend to resist the stress of wear and tear extremely well.

Installing engineered wooden floors is a breeze thanks to the use of click-lock mechanism where planks can be fitted into place by locking them with a click. This mechanism results in a faster installation, and a stable, gap-free and firm floor underfoot.

Holt Engineered Wood Reviews - Features at a Glance

  • Original and rich wood surface and texture
  • Exceptionally strong and stable floors, thanks to a multi-layer construction
  • Underfloor heating compatibility
  • Floors are highly resistant to shape-changes arising from exposure to temperature and humidity variations
  • 20-year warranty
  • Open to re-sanding
  • Low on maintenance
  • Soft and highly comfortable underfoot
  • Simple and easy click installation

Holt Engineered Wood Reviews - Our Verdict

Holt Engineered Wood floors were born to be beautiful and comfortable! These floors win hands-down in all departments - looks, benefits, comfort and pricing. With so much to offer, Holt floors are definitely the best value for your money. Do not miss these floors!

You can shop our full Holt wood flooring range here

You can shop our full engineered wood flooring range here