Discover the main differences between Karndean and Amtico luxury vinyl tiles in this guide.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Amtico Vs Karndean

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to vinyl flooring, but patrons are quick to point out that Amtico and Karndean are more popular when it comes to getting the perfect combination of design, durability, and cost. These two brands have been all-time favourites for quite a few decades. However, deciding between Amtico and Karndean can be a tough thing to do as both brands have their own unique selling points.

While Amtico has marked its presence for over 50 years, Karndean has also given it competition for the last 40 years. So when it comes to Amtico Vs Karndean and choosing which is best for you, consider the following parameters.

Product Types

Amtico vinyl flooring is made from plasticisers, resin, and stabilisers, which are combined together and then compressed under high temperature and pressure. This process results in a very thin yet extremely durable floor that also offers a high level of flexibility. Amtico vinyl floors almost resemble natural stone or wood textures with a matte finish and offer excellent wear for long years.

Amtico or Karndean Can Be Installed in Bathrooms

In case of Karndean, each flooring tile is made from a combination of two PVC backing layers, an HD photographic layer, a clear PVC embossed wear layer and finally a top protective layer of PU coating. This process makes Karndean flooring durable and glossier than Amtico matte flooring.

Place of Manufacture

Amtico flooring is manufactured at their own facility meeting top A+ BREEAM/BRE Green guide rating. The company is dedicated to protecting the environment and encourages customers to return used floors to their manufacturing plants for recycling.

Karndean flooring is manufactured by the company's affiliates in Asia. But this does not affect the quality of the flooring in any way. Karndean ensures a beautiful finish for its vinyl flooring that offers convincing stone and wood effects just like Amtico.

Amtico & Karndean Price Comparison

Amtico flooring may be considered slightly expensive when compared to Karndean flooring that is a great favourite with people on a budget. However, when you buy from Stories Flooring, you can be sure of the best prices whether you buy Karndean or Amtico.

Karndean Vs Amtico Conclusion

Both Amtico and Karndean are worth your money for a great looking floor. If it is a matte finish that you are looking for, Amtico should be your ideal choice while for a glossier look, you should choose Karndean. Finally, your final decision regarding the right flooring solution should be a fine balance of both budget and preference.

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