One of UK's most trusted flooring brands, Vusta Flooring comes with 20+ years of experience in vinyl flooring. The company has in place stringent quality processes at its 13 technically-advanced manufacturing facilities around the world.

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Quick-Step Laminate Flooring

Quick-Step floors have multiple high-performance features making them a best selling laminate floor range. Discover a range of wood designs, patterns and shades with advanced manufacturing technology ensuring these floors look exactly like natural wood.

The Impressive Ultra boasts a unique bevel design to ensure that the edges match the planks in colour and design exactly. The result is a floor that's seamless in look and extremely authentic in design.

Quick-Step laminate planks have a high-resolution photo layer, which carries a photo of natural wood. Advanced printing techniques are used for the photo and a melamine resin is used for the finish. As a result, the floor is stunning in its reproduction of real wood looks and effects.

The wear-resistant ultra-tough overlay on the planks give protection scratches, stains, impact stress and domestic range chemicals.

Quick-Step laminate floors are splash-proof. So, you do not have to worry about liquids damaging your floor especially if you have pets and little children. These floors do not lose their colour on exposure to sunlight. So, you can welcome as much sunlight as you desire into your space without any fear of floor damage!

Anti-static properties of these floors repel dust and dirt thereby. This unique design feature makes it easier for users to clean the floor.

The Quick-Step laminate flooring range offers a warranty of up to 25 years depending on the floor model.

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