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Polyflor is a range of luxury vinyl flooring in spectacular stone and wood effects. Each floor is a magnificent reproduction of real wood and stone promising to add a touch of elegance and style to your interiors. Floors in the Polyflor range are of highly practical too catering to flooring needs of residential and commercial environments.

With customers' best interests in mind and in adherence to our quality standards, Stories Flooring brings you a range of vinyl flooring from leading players in the segment.

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Polyflor Luxury Vinyl Flooring Details

The Polyflor brand

The Polyflor brand has been operating since 1915. After initially providing top quality flooring to the UK market, the company quickly grew in popularity, expanding its business overseas in 1963.

It actually started out as a weaving operation, consisting of woven cotton textiles. It wasn’t until 1934 when the brand branched out into flooring, rolling rubber onto a piece of teased fabric. The result was a very hard-wearing carpet which was incorporated into commercial settings.

After founder, James Halstead, died in 1935, his two sons took over the company, pushing its growth forward in 1954, focusing solely on flooring.

The company’s innovations

Over the years, Polyflor has introduced numerous innovations which have set the standard for flooring. Its first innovation milestone occurred in 1971 with the launch of its Polyflor XL collection. This was the first ever single-layer homogeneous floor to be available in 2-metre widths. At the time, it was a significant development and it went on to become a popular product for the company.

In 1983, the brand developed its first safety flooring product. It specialised in reducing the risk of slipping thanks to integrated aggregate particles. A couple of years later, the Polysafe Stud Tile floor was introduced as an alternative to the brand’s vinyl products. These studded rubber tiles introduced a lot more choice to customers, enabling them to create unique and aesthetically appealing interiors.

In 2000, the Supratec brand was launched. Featuring a uniquely developed polymer system, the brand offered a more cost effective and easier to maintain safety floor coverings compared to untreated similar products. Fastforward to 2013, and the brand launched its innovative new luxury vinyl sheet collection, boasting to be the first multi-width luxury vinyl sheets on the market.

Polyflor consists of several collections each with a unique design and practical element. Polyflor Affinity255, for example, is an exclusive wood collection designed for heavy traffic areas in residential and commercial settings. It's perfect for any room and is ideal for commercial environments such as offices, education centres and retail spaces.

There is then the Polyflor Bevel Line that comes in wood and stone effects with bevelled edges. Bevelled edges enhance the effect further. These floors are great for heavy-duty commercial settings, homes and even industrial facilities.

Wood effect floors in the Polyflor range are 2mm thick. Most planks are available in 1219.2mm x 184.2mm (measurements may vary depending on model). They feature a wear layer of 0.55mm, which ensures they withstand heavy foot traffic with ease.

Stone effect floors measure 457mm x 457mm x 2.5mm and feature an ultra-tough 0.7mm wear layer. This extra-thick wear layer ensures that your floor stays tough and resistant to everyday use for a long time.
All floors feature a 10-year warranty.

Cleaning these floors is not a demanding task at all! Sweep away loose dirt with a soft broom or mop, and damp mop once a fortnight to clean stubborn stains. The cleaning process can become stress-free when spills are wiped off immediately.

Polyflor floors mould themselves to the interiors in which they are installed – they can be trendy, classic, contemporary, traditional, professional, mild, intense, and much more, depending on the mood you want to create.
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