Gradus Carpet Tiles

Gradus Carpet Tiles

Gradus carpet tiles are manufactured with care, creativity and a meticulous eye for detail. Boasting several practical features, these tiles are an excellent choice for a wide variety of spaces including healthcare centres, educational institutes and commercial premises.

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Gradus Carpet Details

With stunning colour palettes, high functionality and extreme durability, Gradus carpet tiles are sure to meet all your expectations.

These high-performance tiles act as a perfect barrier against dirt, dust and soil and are especially useful when placed at entrance areas. The unique yarn construction ensures all soil is removed completely thereby keeping your interiors clean and dirt free.

The tiles are extremely durable and can take on a lot of wear and tear. In case a part of your floor is damaged, you can just replace that tile with a new one. These carpet tiles are very easy to maintain too.

Gradus carpet tiles are totally eco-friendly. In fact, the product is now BRE-accredited for installation in both commercial spaces and multi-residential buildings such as university accommodations and care homes. The tiles contain no harmful chemicals, toxins or VOCs and do not emit any noxious odour.

They are fully recyclable. This helps reduce waste and improves sustainability. These tiles are guaranteed to keep any interior space fresh, clean, safe and healthy.

The innovative Lok-Lift dry adhesive makes installation eco-friendly. With no synthetic glue being used, there are practically no carbon footprints as compared to regular glue-down installation.

Using dry adhesive also makes installation quick and totally non-messy. You can use the floor immediately after installation instead of waiting for the glue to dry completely.

The tiles can be installed over any existing floor including but not limited to carpets, laminate, vinyl or even concrete. This saves you a lot of hassle apart from time and money.