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Fusion Vinyl Tiles

Fusion Vinyl Tiles

Fusion LVT is a range of luxury vinyl tiles featuring wood and stone effects with impeccable accuracy. If you are looking for rich variety, stunning visual appeal, smooth finish and a highly practical luxury vinyl flooring, look no further than the Fusion LVT!

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Fusion LVT Almond Oak 1063



Fusion LVT Wild Apple 1065



Fusion LVT Sable Oak 1074



Fusion LVT Rustic Sawn 1072



Fusion LVT Rich Walnut 1068



Fusion LVT Island Oak 1073



Fusion LVT Country Elm 1061



Fusion LVT Cathedral Oak 1066



Fusion LVT Details

Rich in texture and details, the wood effect floors in this range exude luxury and add a touch of class to the interiors. These are available in a variety of shades including Light Oak, Royal Oak, Rich Walnut, White Oak, Willow Brown Oak, Willow Grey Oak and Bishop Dark Oak.

Create a dramatic look with Rich Walnut and Bishop Dark Oak! Enjoy cosy interiors with Light Oak or infuse a plush urban look into your rooms with Wild Apple.

Fusion LVT stone effect floors are alluring in their design, tones and details. These floors reproduce the texture of natural stone accurately. They are soft to the touch and exude a rich and lively feel.

The Black Riven Slate, for example, delivers a lush slab look while the Ivory Limestone recreates the endearing patchy look of real stone.

The wood effect planks in the Fusion LVT range measure 1219.2mm x 184.2mm x 2.5mm, and the stone-effect tiles measure 457.2 mm x 457.2 mm x 2.5mm. Featuring a wear layer of 0.5mm thickness, these floors are perfect for spaces that experience heavy in your home/office. This extra tough wear layer makes the floor resistant to wear and tear, scratches and stains.

The Fusion LVT range is highly practical. You can get rid of loose dirt with a weekly sweep. Damp mop the floors once in a month to remove stubborn stains. For best results, be sure to clean any spills immediately.

Fusion LVT floors are beautiful and long-lasting. They are ideal for modern households and commercial spaces.

With Stories Flooring, this fantastic range becomes even more accessible with our fantastic offers and deals. Check out the entire Fusion LVT collection right away and take your pick.

Fusion Woods

Fusion Woods is a collection of wood-inspired luxury vinyl tile flooring. This range features floors that are a stunning and highly skilful reproduction of original wood. From different varieties of oak to rich walnut, elm and willow, you’ll get to discover wonderful shades and textures of multiple wood species.

The rich beauty of wood is complemented by highly practical benefits. These floors are sturdy enough for both heavy-traffic commercial areas and residential interiors.

The striking good looks of Fusion Woods are the first thing to captivate your attention. Highly realistic in design, it can be quite difficult to believe that the floor is not hardwood!

From fresh contemporary wood effects to classic ancient varieties, the Fusion Woods range has a design for every taste. Enhancing the floor’s authenticity is the 4-side bevel design. This design highlights the depths and texture of the wood effects, making the style even more realistic and richer.

The Fusion Woods floors come with a protective PU (Polyurethane) surface coating. This is a lightweight layer that serves as a protective layer for preserving the good looks of the floor and making maintenance easier.

With a PU layer to protect them, the Fusion Woods floors are more resistant to wear and tear, stains, moisture, dirt and dust, and other common surface-damaging culprits.

Featuring 0.55mm wear layer, these floors are apt for areas that see rough use and heavy traffic. The thick wear layer enables them to withstand daily stress of an active household with pets or kids, or a highly busy commercial space, with ease and strength.

Other practical benefits that endear these floors to modern quality-conscious floor buyers include underfloor heating compatibility, excellent sound absorption, impressive slip resistance, and highly environment-friendly with low VOC emissions.

The floors in the Fusion Woods range come with technical specifications of 2.5mm total thickness and 1219.2 x 184.2 mm dimensions.

Style, class, tradition and modern – the Fusion Woods floors can create the desired mood for your interiors. Combine the looks with their long-lasting practical features, and you get a floor that is an ever-lasting favourite of floor buyers looking for a smart and affordable floor!

Order your Fusion Woods immediately and create your own favourite!

Fusion Stones

Fusion Stones is a range of luxury vinyl tiles in rich stone effects. There are different stone effects to explore in this range including that of concrete, limestone and slate.

Each floor reproduces the looks, textures, details and the feel of natural stone so realistically that you will have a hard time differentiating them from the real thing!

The Fusion Stones range is apt for residential and commercial settings with heavy traffic. These floors come with a 10-year warranty for heavy commercial use.

The visual impact of the stone effect of Fusion Stones is striking! The bevelled edges enhance the authenticity of the stone effect further. The bevelled design brings out the details and the depth of the texture beautifully, highlighting everything that is wonderfully stone-ish in the floor.

The colours in this range are fresh and stylish, making the floors more than appropriate for any kind of interior space. When you want to impress your visitors, Fusion Stones is the way to go!

These floors measure 457.2mm x 457.2 mm x 2.5mm and feature a 0.55mm wear layer. What’s more, these floors are suitable for installation with underfloor heating.

These floors offer great comfort underfoot. You can stand on them for long periods of time without feeling any discomfort. Unlike real wood and stone floors, they are soft and warm underfoot, which makes walking and standing a pleasure.

These floors can be used in any room from living rooms to kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements. They are great for any interior space in commercial settings, including healthcare, leisure, education, office and retail environments.

The Fusion Stones floors are easy to clean and maintain. Regular sweeping and damp mopping are enough to keep the floor looking good and working well – no need of expensive floor solutions and treatments. Floors are also highly spill and scratch resistant, adding to the ease of maintenance and cleaning.

These floors are also dimensionally stable, meaning they do not give in and become uneven by absorbing moisture in the air. So, you’ll have a safe and sound floor beneath you always!

Other features that make Fusion Stones a wonderful addition for modern homes and commercial interiors include excellent noise reduction, slip resistance and fire resistance.

Now, it would not be smart to let go of a floor that looks stunning and has got the performance to match the looks!

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