Below you will discover about wooden feature walls, their rise in popularity and how they can be installed

Written by: Will Woolley

Published on: October 01, 2020

What Are Wood Flooring Feature Walls?

Wooden flooring is a popular choice with homeowners. Helping to add a warm and luxurious touch to the room, it’s available in a wide choice of designs ranging from light to dark. While it’s been used as a popular flooring cover for decades, interior designers have started to discover additional unique uses for this beautiful product.

Wooden feature walls are becoming increasingly sought after. You can use solid wood planks to create a warm and luxurious focal point in the home. Here, you’ll discover more about wooden feature walls and how they can be installed.

What is a Wooden Feature Wall?

A wooden feature wall is exactly how it sounds. Instead of installing the planks on the floor, you’ll install them on the wall. This then becomes a feature or focal point, capturing your attention and creating a unique, warm and luxurious effect.

Wooden feature walls tend to have a rustic appearance. They can help to bring a sense of the outdoors into the room. This makes them a great idea for those looking to use elements of nature in their interior design. If you also use a wooden floor in the same room, it’s going to add to the natural outdoor inspired look.

Where Can You Use Wooden Feature Walls?

Initially, wooden feature walls were used in the living room. However, over the years they have started being introduced into more areas of the home. They can help to create a cosy look in the bedroom or create a beautiful ambience in the dining room.

The only place you’ll want to avoid using them is the bathroom. Unless you are using a waterproof laminate, water damage would be a real concern when installing them in moisture prone areas. Even waterproof flooring may get damaged given the unique position it is placed in. Areas of the planks will be exposed on the wall that wouldn’t be exposed on the floor.

While most people tend to install them in a central location, you can also install them off-centre. This can help you to hide imperfections, as well as direct attention to a particular area of the room.

The Benefits Of A Wooden Feature Wall

As well as providing a beautiful aesthetic effect, feature walls can also deliver a few other impressive benefits. For example, when used in a room with wooden flooring, it can help to create a more spacious look. This makes wooden feature walls a great option for opening up smaller rooms.

As an additional bonus, wooden feature walls can also make a room feel much warmer. This isn’t just because of its warm appearance. Wooden planks are fantastic at insulating the room, so you may find you spend a little less on heating once a feature wall has been installed.

How To Install Wooden Feature Walls

To install a wooden feature wall, you’ll follow a similar process to that which you’d follow if you were installing it on the floor. The wall will need to be straight and smooth, and it will also need to be able to hold the planks in place.

You will need to acclimatise the planks before installing them too. Do this for up to 48 hours to allow the planks to adjust to room temperature. Then, simply connect the planks using the click or tongue and groove system. You’ll find a lot of great tutorials online showing you how to do it. However, if you want the best results, we recommend getting a professional to fit it for you.

Wooden feature walls can make a beautiful addition to the home. Why not browse our great range of engineered and solid wood floors today and see which ones would look great on the wall.

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