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31.01.19 Blog

Kahrs Spirit Rugged Collection Review

Written by: Yarl Christie

The Kährs Rugged Collection Engineered Wood Flooring is a true reflection of natural rugged and rustic beauty. The effect is result of a special handcrafted finish that makes the surface look exactly like hardwood floors found in age-old farmhouses. When you want to create a rustic vibe in an urban setting, the floors in this range are just what you are looking for.

The floors boast Kahrs’ global reputation for best manufacturing practices and commitment to highest quality standards. They are an excellent choice as a long-term investment for your residence or any commercial space.

This in-depth review gives an insight into why these floors are much sought-after by discerning customers looking for a premium engineered wood floor.

Kahrs Spirit Rugged Collection In-Depth Review

The Kährs Spirit Rugged Collection features seven planks in different hues, each with its distinct pattern and finish. The shades include unusual tones like the light and exotic oak moon, oak trench or oak safari in grayish tones, oak husk or oak safari that come in shades of light to deep brown or the golden brown walnut groove.

The surface is further textured to create different finishes such as smoked, freshly sawn, brushed, oiled or hand-scrapped as is found in solid hardwood floors.

The 10mm thick planks feature a 1.9mm thick wear layer that can be re-sanded once, if so desired. The top surface is solid oak or walnut wood and features all the beautiful patterns as is found in solid wood.

The single-strip planks feature micro-bevels on all four sides that make the floors look all the more similar to hardwood flooring.

Being engineered, the floors are resistant to the effects of temperature and humidity. Unlike solid hardwood floors, they don’t buckle or swell up easily in extreme hot and humid conditions. This makes the floors perfectly suitable for installation in most living spaces including a greenhouse.

These floors are perfectly compatible with underfloor heating systems.

The planks are constructed through a multi-layer technology that makes the core layer extremely strong. The floors can take in a lot of impact and load without getting easily damaged. This makes them perfect for areas that experience high footfall and heavy activities.

The entire manufacturing process uses products that are completely free from harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, isocyanate or other toxic solvents. The floors are, therefore not only glamorous but eco-friendly too.

The planks are joined together using the patented Woodloc technology pioneered by Kahrs. The floors are installed either as floating floors or through glue down method.

Maintaining these premium floors is a breeze and extremely cost-effective. All you need is regular dusting and a weekly mopping to keep them spotlessly clean.

These gorgeous floors are also very smooth and comfortable underfoot.

Kährs Spirit Rugged Collection Features at a Glance

  • Fabulous engineered floors with a look of rugged sophistication
  • Astonishing similarity to solid hardwood floors
  • Single-strip planks with four sided micro-bevelled edges
  • 10mm thick floors with 1.9mm wear layer
  • Durable engineered floors with high resistance to temperature and humidity
  • Simple, hassle-free joining through patented Woodloc technology
  • Suitable with under-floor heating
  • Low on maintenance
  • Soft and comfortable underfoot

Our Verdict

The Kahrs Rugged collection adds a touch of rustic sophistication to any space. These sturdy and durable floors can be enjoyed for decades which make your investment worth every penny.

We highly recommend these premium engineered wood floors if you love the warmth of wooden floors for your interiors. These glamorous floors not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space but increase the value of your property too.