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Karndean Palio LooseLay Sicilia Vinyl Flooring LLP142

£47.99 /m²
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Suitable For...

Bathroom Icon Bathroom
Bedroom Icon Bedroom
Conservatory Icon Conservatory
Dining Icon Dining
Hallway Icon Hallway
Kitchen Icon Kitchen
Living Room Icon Living Room
  • Product Details

    The Karndean Palio LooseLay Sicilia Vinyl Flooring LLP142 can transform your room in no time. Its friction grip backing holds the floor in place without the need for any adhesive. This makes installation easy, quick and mess-free.

    This Karndean Palio Looselay floor boasts several features that make it a wonderful choice for your home.

    For starters, the adhesive-free installation makes repairing your Palio Looselay floor extremely easy. You can easily replace individual planks without the need to take out the entire floor.

    The friction grip backing creates a strong bond between the floor and subfloor, resulting in a strong, stable and even floor underfoot. The stability layer used in the design further adds to the floor’s stability. This layer uses fiberglass technology to ensure that the floor remains flat and even at all times.

    The stability layer ensures that the floor stays in shape even when there’s a change in temperature and humidity. In fact, this floor can be installed in environments with high humidity (up to 95% RH).

    The Karndean Palio LooseLay Sicilia Vinyl Flooring LLP142 is extremely wear-resistant and durable thanks to the protective layers used in the design. These layers make use of advanced PU technology to protect the floor from wear and tear.

    This floor has impressive noise reduction properties. It can reduce noise transference by 13dB, which makes this Palio Looselay floor a great choice for multi-level buildings.

    Further, this floor is easy to clean and maintain. Sweep or vacuum the floor daily to remove dry dust and mop your floor occasionally using warm water to remove stubborn stains.

    This Karndean Palio Looselay floor is extremely good-looking and realistic thanks to the high definition photographic layer used in the design.

    Stunning realistic looks and long-lasting performance make the Karndean Palio LooseLay Sicilia Vinyl Flooring LLP142 an unmissable deal. Place your order today!

    Product Specification

    Product Number
    Wood Plank
    Bevel Edge
    Bevel Edge
    Wood Effect
    Installation Method
    Over £35m2
    Over £35m2
    Underfloor Heating
    Wear Layer
    Pack Size
    Karndean Palio LooseLay
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