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Atkinson & Kirby Luxury Limehouse Concrete LVT2002

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  • Product Details

    The Atkinson & Kirby Luxury Limehouse Concrete 900410 is a stunning floor that looks just like it's manufactured using natural materials. Be it the shade, texture or performance, as with all Atkinson & Kirby Vinyl floors, this offers the best of the modern features and blends well with any decor.

    The edges and finishes have been meticulously designed, which enhances the texture and authenticity of the floor. For example, the use of bevelled edges makes each plank clearly visible and distinct, which imparts a unique character to the floor.

    If you are looking to create a traditional or rustic mood, thanks to the bevelled edges, this Atkinson & Kirby vinyl floor will be a perfect choice!

    Easy installation is a key benefit of the Atkinson & Kirby Luxury Limehouse Concrete 900410. Thanks to its innovative 5G fold-down locking mechanism, fitting this floor is as easy as clicking the planks in place.

    Each panel is folded down and its flexible tongue is inserted into the adjacent plank’s groove. Once the tongue sits securely in the grove, you will hear a click sound to signify that the fit is perfect. The 5G fold-down installation provides exceptional stability to the floor.

    Adding to the stability of the floor is its excellent moisture resistance. As a result, it doesn’t change shape due to changing humidity and temperature levels. In fact, the floor remains firm and intact underfoot no matter the season.

    Being moisture-resistant, this floor is suitable for use in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

    This floor does not demand expensive long-term treatments. With routine cleaning, it can look good and perform well for several years. Cleaning the floor is not a hard task at all.

    Clean the floor daily, especially if there is heavy traffic, with a soft broom or a vacuum to prevent dry dust and dirt from accumulating. Clean using a damp, well-wrung-out mop every week to remove stubborn stains.

    If you are looking for the class of natural materials without their practical drawbacks, then you’ll definitely be happy to choose the Atkinson & Kirby Luxury Limehouse Concrete 900410.

    Product Specification

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    Stone Tile
    Bevel Edge
    Bevel Edge
    Stone Effect
    Installation Method
    Underfloor Heating
    Wear Layer
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    Atkinson & Kirby LVT
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