Solid Wood Flooring Shades

Solid wood flooring comes in a range of different shades. Each one comes with its own unique benefits. In order to ensure you choose the right shade to match your requirements, below you’ll discover more about the variety of shades on offer.


Our selection of medium shade solid wood flooring is a firm customer favourite. Versatile enough to match any style of décor, this shade of wood adds a real modern touch to the home. You’ll find medium shade floors can vary significantly depending upon the species of wood that has been used. This makes it important to compare as many different medium shade floors as you can before choosing the best one for the home.


Light shaded solid wood flooring is ideal for those looking to brighten up their living space. Once installed, the floor reflects natural light around the room, making it appear brighter and more spacious. Like medium shade flooring, light coloured floors can blend in perfectly with any environment. They also hide everyday wear and tear better than darker shade floors, making them a great choice for high-traffic areas.


Ideal for modern homes, dark solid wood flooring provides a warm and cosy feel to the room. It presents a bolder look, adding character to the home while giving it a great stylish makeover. This shade of wood goes particularly well in more intimate rooms of the house such as the bedroom or lounge.

Solid Wood Flooring Shades by Stories Flooring