Solid Wood Flooring Finishes

Solid wood flooring comes in a range of beautiful finishes. The one you ultimately choose will depend upon the overall look you’re hoping to achieve. Different finishes also provide varying levels of protection.

Here, you’ll discover more about the different finishes available in our solid wood flooring range.

Oiled – Many of our solid wood floors feature an oiled finish. Fast becoming one of the most popular finishes, oiled planks provide a natural and traditional look. The oil soaks through into the wood, protecting it from the outside in. This also means if you need to sand the floor down, you won’t need to reapply the oil anywhere other than the damaged sections of wood.

One thing to keep in mind with an oiled finish is that it will be affected by natural sunlight more than a lacquered finish.

Lacquered – Floors with a lacquered finish have a smooth, glossy appearance. This is because the lacquer sits on the top of the planks, rather than soaking into the wood. A benefit of this is that it makes the floors really easy to clean, as well as highly resistant to daily wear and tear such as scratches.

The glossy finish helps to reflect light back into the room, giving it a more spacious and brighter look. Lacquered floors are also protected against natural sunlight.

Brushed – Our range of brushed finished floors provide a beautiful, stand-out effect. You can invest in either brushed and oiled or brushed and lacquered solid wood flooring.

The brushed and oiled finish boasts a lot of character. A wire brush is used to scrape off the top layer of wood, revealing the older wood with its stunning traditional grains and rings. Like standard oiled wood flooring, the oil seeps through to protect the wood from within, as well as on its surface. You will need to re-oil the floor occasionally, but you should find this to be a simple process.

The brushed and lacquered finish has also had its top layer brushed away. Its surface is then protected with a lacquered coating. Compared to the brushed and oiled finish, this one is better at covering up everyday scratches.

Unfinished – If you would prefer to apply your own finish to your new solid wood flooring, you’ll want to opt for our unfinished floors. These allow you to create any finish you desire, enabling true personalisation of the floor. Before purchasing, we recommend experimenting with different finishes on or great unfinished samples.

Hand Scraped – Once the most expensive type of finish, hand scraped floors can now be created more affordably using machines. They provide a worn, aged appearance which is sure to add a unique and striking look to the room. You’ll find this style of finish is available in lots of beautiful designs.

Solid Wood Flooring Finishes


You can view our solid wood flooring collection here. If you still need advice with choosing your floor then you can always phone a member of our sales team to discuss your options on 01133200223.