Solid Wood Flooring Effects

There are a lot of considerations to make when choosing a solid wood floor. The effect of the planks is an important factor to consider as this will affect the overall appearance of the room. We have a number of plank effects to choose from and below you’ll discover more about each of them.

Solid Wood Flooring Effects

Single plank floors

The most popular effect available is the single plank solid wood floor. These are constructed with a single piece of real wood, shaped into a board. They benefit from a natural design, featuring beautiful grains and authentic imperfections. You’ll find single plank floors also provide a more spacious look to the room.


Those looking to make a real statement in the home would benefit from our parquet style solid wood flooring. With its beautiful elegant design, parquet planks are much shorter in both width and length than average solid wood flooring. They are arranged in angular and geometrical patterns. There are numerous styles of parquet flooring available, with Herringbone being the most popular.

Three strip planks

Three strip solid wood flooring is constructed with multiple strips of real wood. They are expertly joined together to provide a durable design. You’ll find this type of effect is a little cheaper than the single plank effect floors. They also tend to be ideal for smaller rooms as they provide an illusion of more space.

Not sure which plank effect would look better in your home? Why not request free samples of the different effects to see how they compare.