Solid Wood Flooring Construction Advice

Solid wood flooring is obviously made from real wood. However, there are a number of ways these floors can be constructed. As well as 100% solid wooden floors, you can also invest in structured or solid VFJ flooring. Here, you’ll discover the differences between these two construction types to help you make the best purchase decision.

Solid Wood Flooring Construction Advice

100% Solid wood construction

Floors which are created with 100% solid wood are constructed from a single strip of real wood. They are the most traditional style of solid wood flooring, benefitting from a super-strong and durable design. As the floors can be sanded down and refinished a number of times, they have the potential to last for decades.

The only thing to watch out for with 100% solid wood flooring, is that it will be affected by temperature and humidity. Therefore, it shouldn’t be installed in the bathroom or moisture-prone areas.

Structured or Solid VFJ construction

One of the newer types of solid wood flooring is solid VFJ or structured flooring. With this type of construction, the floors have a solid oak veneer, followed by layers of solid wood which have been finger jointed together. This gives the floor an extremely strong design and it is a lot more resistant against warping and expanding.

When choosing the right solid wood construction, think about where you’ll be installing the floor. If it will be exposed to moisture or fluctuating temperatures, structured or solid VFJ construction would be the best choice. 

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