Laminate Plank Effects

How a laminate floor is constructed will impact how the room looks once it has been installed. There are several types of plank effects that you can invest in and here we’ll look at some of the most popular options.


Our multi-strip plank effects are especially ideal for smaller rooms. The planks appear as though they have several single boards fitted together. This is down to their construction, with numerous layers bonded together. When installed, they provide a more spacious effect, really opening up the room.

Single strip

The majority of laminate floors come with a single strip design. This is basically where the planks have been designed to look just like a single piece of real wood. You’ll find this plank effect tends to provide the most natural look. Unlike the multi-strip planks, this plank effect would look best in larger rooms.

Stone and Tile

Finally, you’ll find a range of stone and tile effect laminates available. Although the least common, they feature rectangular or square shapes to create a look of real stone or tile. One of the great benefits of this plank effect is that you’ll receive a realistic stone look without the added maintenance.

Laminate Flooring Plank Effects Explained


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