Laminate Flooring Textures

One of the best things about laminate floors is that they come in a wide variety of designs. It’s not just the photographic layer you need to pay attention to, you’ll also find there are different textures available too.

Our laminate floors come in a range of textures. To help you decide which is right for you, below we’ll reveal more about the textures featured in our range.

High gloss

If you want a laminate that’s going to impress, our high gloss finish floors are exactly what you need. These laminates feature a reflective, shiny surface. They have a very smooth appearance, featuring no ridges, texture or indents. This means they tend to create a very modern, sleek feel to the room. Be advised that this type of finish does require regular maintenance to ensure it remains looking as good and as shiny as new.


Our textured laminate floors provide a more traditional look. They appear just like solid wood and come in a variety of designs. You’ll be able to see the grains of the wood thanks to the photographic layer. If you run a busy home, this style of laminate tends to work best as it shows less sign of daily wear and tear than some of the other finishes.


Laminates which feature a smooth finish don’t come with any visible wood grains. Instead, they benefit from a more simplistic, plain finish. They look like they have been varnished, though they have a very subtle design. This type of finish goes well in any room and it’s extremely easy to keep clean thanks to how smooth its surface is.


Laminate Flooring Textures