Laminate Edge Profile Information

One thing you’ll need to decide when purchasing laminate flooring, is the type of edge profile it features. This impacts how the floor looks once it has been installed. There are two main edge profiles to choose from, including bevelled and square edge. Here, you’ll discover a brief description of each to help you make the best decision.

Bevelled edge

Bevelled edge laminate floors produce a more natural looking finish. They feature a small groove in-between the planks, hiding gaps between the boards to create a stylish, stand-out effect. You’ll notice laminate floors with this edge profile offer a more distinctive design.

Square edge

Laminate floors which feature a square edge profile have more of a seamless look. This is because the planks will fit together perfectly, leaving no gap between them. This provides a blended look once the floor has been installed. If you’re looking for a more formal, flawless finish then a square edge profile is ideal.

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Laminate Flooring Edge Profile Information