Engineered Wood Plank Effects

One of the most confusing aspects of choosing the right engineered wood flooring, is the varying plank effects on offer. While they don’t impact the quality of the floor, they can make a significant difference to how it looks once it has been installed. Here, you’ll discover more about the different plank effects available.

Engineered Wood Flooring Plank Effect Advice

Single Plank

The most common plank effect is the single plank engineered wood floor. It is created by cutting one piece of wood off the tree, turning it into a single board. As the wood remains largely untouched, this plank design provides the most authentic, natural appearance. You’ll find this effect can also help to make rooms appear larger, while providing a stunning rustic design.

3-Strip Planks

Our 3-strip engineered floors are constructed using three, rather than one, piece of wood. This makes them a little cheaper than the single strip planks. They are especially well suited to use in smaller rooms as they tend to provide a spacious feel once installed. This plank effect doesn’t look as natural, although it does still feature some natural detailing.

Parquet, Herringbone and Chevron

Our most stunning and unique engineered wood plank effects include Parquet, Herringbone and Chevron. While each is slightly different, they all boast short plank designs.

Parquet floors are known for their elegance and luxury. Arranging the identical planks in angular and geometrical patterns gives the floor a truly stand-out effect. Herringbone floors are a type of Parquet flooring, and by far our most popular plank effect. The planks are installed in alternating rows at a diagonal angle, creating a very unusual and striking effect.

Chevron floors are similar to Herringbone, only the planks come with vertical, rather than zig-zagged lines between the rows. This gives it a much more uniformed appearance. It is commonly used in professional settings and provides a beautiful, stylish effect.

Be aware that all Parquet, Herringbone and Chevron floors can be difficult to install. This is because you need to install each plank perfectly to create the right look.