Engineered Wood Plank Dimensions

Selecting the right dimensions when you’re buying an engineered wood floor is important. Although it doesn’t affect the quality of the flooring, the measurements of the floor can impact its overall look and durability. Here, you’ll discover more about the different engineered wood plank dimensions in order to help you make the right purchasing decision.

Engineered Wood Plank Dimensions

Length – The length of the floor makes a difference to both its installation and appearance. Longer planks may need to be cut down to size during installation and they’re typically suitable for larger rooms. Some of our engineered wood floors come with planks of a variety of lengths, allowing for much easier installation.

Width – Like the length of the planks, the width can also impact how the floor looks. You’ll need to think about the room you’re installing the floor into. If it’s quite a large room, you’ll want to opt for wider planks. If it’s a smaller room on the other hand, narrower planks would be the better option. Our engineered wood floors come in a variety of widths ranging from 50mm to over 400mm.

Depth – Out of all of the dimensions, the depth is one of the most important. This establishes how solid and durable the floor is. While all of our engineered floors come with generous warranties, some are much more resistant to wear and tear than others. The thicker the planks, the more stable they’ll be.

You’ll also find thicker planks can be sanded down a lot more, enabling you to extend their lifespan. Although thicker planks are stronger, there may be instances where you need a thinner plank design. This is something you’ll need to consider when deciding which thickness to invest in. Our engineered floors are available in thicknesses which measure from 7mm to an impressive 30mm. You can browse our engineered floors here.