Engineered Wood Flooring Edge Information

A smaller detail of engineered wood flooring you might not have considered, is the edge detailing. Although it forms a small part of the plank design, it makes a surprisingly big difference to how it looks once installed. Read on to learn more about the different types of edging and how it affects the overall look of the floor.

Engineered Wood Flooring Edge Information

Beveled Edge Planks

The most common edge detail found on engineered wood floors is the beveled edge profile. This means the planks have a little groove between them. Once installed, these grooves perfectly hide any gaps between the planks, creating a more uniformed finish. This type of edge detail provides the most natural look.

Square Edge Planks

Some of our engineered wood floors come with a square edge profile. This means rather than having a groove between the planks, they simply fit closer together. Once installed, the planks blend into one another to create a seamless, professional finish. Square edge floors tend to have a more formal and simplistic appearance, perfect for contemporary style homes.

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