Different Engineered Wood Floor Finishes

Engineered wood floors come in a variety of different finishes. Each provides a differing level of protection, while also impacting the floor’s aesthetic design. To help you make the best decision, below you’ll discover more about the different finish options available.

Oiled Finish

Many of our engineered wood floors come with an oiled finish. A high-quality oil is applied to the real wood veneer and from there it seeps through to the layer’s underneath. This provides a very strong protection, allowing you to sand the floor down and simply reapply the oil to any damaged areas, rather than having to re-oil the entire floor.

Unless the floor has been UV oiled, it will be susceptible to fading when exposed to natural sunlight. Oiled finishes tend to give the most natural and authentic appearance.

Lacquered Finish

Another popular finish, lacquered floors have a glossy and smooth appearance. Unlike the oiled finish, when the lacquer is applied to the surface of the wood, it doesn’t seep through. This means it is only the surface of the wood which is protected. However, it also means that the surface is highly resistant against daily wear and tear, including scratches.

Another benefit to this finish, is that it isn’t as susceptible to fading as an oiled engineered wood floor.

Smoked Finish

One of the more unusual finishes available is the smoked finish. This means the wood has been placed into a confined space with ammonia added to the atmosphere. This causes the wood to darken, creating a beautiful smoky appearance. Engineered floors with this style of finish tend to have an aged and rustic design.

Brushed Finish

You will find that some of our engineered wood floors come with a brushed finish. This means the top layer of wood has been brushed away to reveal the older, harsher grains underneath. Floors with this style of finish tend to look much more authentic. You’ll also notice you can choose from a brushed lacquered or a brushed oiled surface. This refers to the level of protection provided to the floor, as well as its aesthetic appearance.

Whitewashed Finish

Some of our engineered floors come with a striking whitewashed finish. The surface of the wood is brushed before being given a white stain coating. Due to its bright design, this style of finish looks especially great in darker rooms. They are packed full of character and boast a chic, stand-out look which really enhances the room.

Unfinished Planks

Although there are hundreds of great designs and colours to choose from, you may not find one which perfectly matches your needs. In this instance, we recommend our unfinished engineered wood floors. These are designed to allow you to finish the floor yourself, staining it or coating it however you like. We also offer samples so you can practice with different styles of finishes to find the right one for you.

Distressed Finish

If you are looking to achieve a worn, antique look, floors with a distressed finish are ideal. The distressed appearance is produced using a variety of processes. These include aging, sculpting, and brushing the planks. Distressed floors come in a wide range of designs to suit any interior.

Engineered Wood Flooring Plank Finishes


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