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Engineered Wood Floor Construction

At Stories Flooring, we only supply the very best quality engineered wood floors. The way that these floors are designed makes them impeccably strong and durable. Their unique construction also ensures the floors are resistant against changes in humidity and temperature.

When it comes to the construction of engineered wood flooring, there are three different methods which can be used. Here, you’ll discover more about the different construction types and how it affects the flooring.

Engineered Wood Floor Construction


Some of our engineered floors feature an HDF, or High Density Fibreboard, construction. This makes the floors more affordable, although it doesn’t sacrifice on quality. The top layer is still made from solid wood, and the HDF makes the surface a lot more resilient against impact. The only thing to be aware of with HDF construction is that it isn’t suitable to be used in high moisture areas.

Multi Ply

The most common type of construction used in engineered wooden flooring, is Multi Ply. This means the planks are made with tightly fused plywood layers. A solid wood veneer is then placed on the top. Due to how many layers are used to make up the construction of Multi Ply engineered flooring, you’ll find it’s the toughest type of floor available. It also means the floor can be installed with numerous types of subfloor, as well as with compatible underfloor heating systems.

Three Ply

Three Ply engineered flooring is similar to Multi Ply, only it uses just three layers in total. There’s the solid wood veneer, followed by two layers of either softwood or plywood. As it does feature fewer layers, you’ll find the three ply constructed engineered floors are cheaper than Multi Ply. Although these floors are slightly weaker than Multi Ply, they are still resilient against changes in moisture.