Vusta Vitesse

Vusta Vitesse

The Vusta Vitesse range of flooring comes from the UK's leading name in vinyl flooring – Vusta. These floors reflect the company's extensive expertise in vinyl flooring. The Vusta Vitesse range is a fine example of the powerful combination of practicality and luxury. These floors boast brilliant looks and are extremely convenient for everyday use.

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Vusta Vitesse Details

Vusta Vitesse consists of wood and stone floors, each a stunning reproduction of the real thing. A warranty of 25 years offers complete peace of mind for quality-aware and cost-conscious floor buyers.

Authenticity is a trademark of the Vusta Vitesse range. They imitate the look and feel of real wood and stone with stunning perfection. They are available in a range of colours from subtle, mild and medium to lush and darker tones. Unleash your creativity and create the mood you desire with ease!

Although the Vusta Vitesse floors resemble natural wood and stone, they do not carry the disadvantages of the real thing. These floors are warm and soft to the touch unlike real stone or hardwood floors.

The Vitesse range features a multi-layer design, which makes the floor resistant to scratches. There is also a protective PU coating, which safeguards the floor from wear and tear and keeps the floor looking good for years. The PU coating makes cleaning a breeze.

With their breathtaking visual appeal and low maintenance requirements, the Vusta Vitesse floors make a great choice for any room. These floors are water resistant too, which makes them a fine choice for bathrooms as well.

The wood effect floors in this range are available in planks measuring 184mm x 1216mm x 8mm.

The Vusta Vitesse range offers ultimate luxury and comfort. It is high on performance, durability and affordability. With Stories Flooring, you can grab the Vusta Vitesse range at lowest prices. Check out the collection today and take your pick.

Vusta Vitesse
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