Vusta Planks

Vusta Planks

Vusta Planks is a series of stress-free flooring range from Vusta, the UK's leading maker of supreme quality vinyl floors. The stunning looks and durable nature of natural wood have inspired the Vusta Planks range of floors.

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Vusta Planks Details

A variety of exotic wood species including Oak and walnut can be experienced in the Vusta Planks collection. Whether you desire an exotic freshness, a traditional look, or a stylish modern touch, Vusta Planks has a floor for you!

The planks in this range measure 152mm x 914mm x 2.5mm. The shades, tones and textures are incredibly realistic. So, if you love the luxury of real wood, you get to enjoy them all without any annoying drawbacks associated with hardwood floors.

Floors in Vusta Planks range are not as hard as solid wood flooring. They feel soft and warm under your feet.

The Vusta Planks range features a multi-layer design. The top layer is a protective PU coating, which imparts tough resistance to the floors against scratches and stains. This layer also ensures that dry dirt and grime does not stick to the floor.

This layered design imparts many features to the floors making them a highly practical solution for the busy lifestyles of modern homeowners. First, these floors are super-easy to clean. You don't have to subject the floors to regular surface treatments to retain their looks.

Second, these floors impart a healthy environment by preventing accumulation of dust, and breeding of germs and bacteria.

The floors are water resistant, which means they are perfectly suited for bathrooms and kitchens too. They are ideal if you have a busy household with active kids and pets.

The tough PU layer adds to the durability of the floors. It is no wonder then that each floor in this range comes with a 25-year warranty.

Vusta Planks floors are all that a modern homeowner seeks, and more! Get the best value for your money from these floors by shopping at Stories Flooring. Take your pick today.