Are you tired of the boring options available in vinyl flooring? Then, it is time to explore the TLC Loc range. You'll be spoilt for choice thanks to the wide range of effects, shades, tones and patterns that are available in this range. Complementing the breath-taking visual appeal of floors these is the array of practical features that make them an incredibly easy choice for modern, traditional and mixed interiors, alike.

The TLC Loc floors are great for any room. They are a captivating addition to living rooms, bedrooms and dining areas. They are equally practical for spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories and basements.

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TLC Loc Details

The TLC Loc range is available in alluring wood and stone effects. Each design is a stunning reproduction of the real thing without their painful drawbacks. So you'll have a wood floor that is utterly realistic in its depiction of natural wood but is easy to maintain and cost-effective.

If you prefer stone floors, you'll find that the TLC Loc stone effect floors are an excellent replica of natural stone yet better than the real thing in terms of practical usage. Compared to real stone floors, these vinyl floors are warmer and softer underfoot, which makes them great for daily use.

Each wood effect plank measures 1212mm x 177mm x 4.5mm, and the stone effect tiles measure 602.8mm x 298mm x 4.5mm.

The TLC Loc range boasts a wear layer of 0.55mm, which indicates the high quality of these floors. The thick wear layer makes the floors resistant to scratches, stains and damages that could arise from daily wear and tear.

These floors are easy to clean and maintain too. You can keep loose dirt and dust away with regular vacuuming or sweeping. Damp mop these floors once in a week to keep them in top form for years to come.

The TLC Loc range features a 15-year warranty and is compatible with underfloor heating.

These floors are a great choice if you are looking for happy go-easy floors that do their work splendidly without getting you exhausted. At Stories Flooring, we offer the best deal for Loc floors. Take your pick right away.