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SPC Rigid-Core Click Vinyl

Made with advanced technology, SPC (stone plastic composite) rigid core click vinyl flooring provides superior durability. Designed to handle the challenges of home and business environments, these floors are tough and stylish.

We have an outstanding choice of designs, from natural wood and stone tile effects to intricate herringbone patterns. What sets SPC apart is its remarkable endurance; these floors are scratch, water, and stain-resistant, making them perfect for high-traffic areas. However, like any floor, they do have the potential to scratch if you are not careful. 
The rigid core construction also ensures that the planks are more robust and less prone to bending compared to traditional vinyl. This provides a firm and comfortable underfoot experience.

Each click-fit vinyl tile has a built-in underlay, increasing comfort and simplifying installation. This feature and the floor's compatibility with underfloor heating systems make SPC flooring one of the most comfortable floors you can own.

These click vinyl tiles flooring are DIY friendly, offering a straightforward installation process with its easy-to-use click system. They also come with an AC4 to AC5 rating, making them suitable for even the busiest areas of the home or business.

Shop our click vinyl SPC flooring below, including our premium and exclusive Lusso collection.

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About Rigid Core SPC Vinyl Tiles

SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite. It is a luxury type of vinyl flooring which utilises the latest technology. The cores of the floors are made with a combination of stabilisers and limestone. This produces a durable and stable floor which will stay in place for years to come. 

Sometimes referred to as Rigid Core flooring, its strength makes the floors ideal for use in high-traffic areas. They are not easily worn down or susceptible to wear and tear. You can also install them in moisture prone areas with ease. Requiring very little maintenance, these floors are ideal for busy households. 

SPC flooring is made up of four unique layers. These include wear, vinyl, SPC and under-pad layers. The under-pad layer prevents the need for additional underlay. Not only does it boost the stability of the floor, but it also enhances comfort too. 

The thickness of the floors makes them more comfortable than standard vinyl. They are also more sound absorbent. This makes them ideal for apartments and busy households. 

You will find our SPC is available in a range of sizes and finishes. They are easy to install thanks to included advanced click systems. You can also install the floors yourself, cutting down the cost of installation.

Browse our full range of SPC vinyl floor tiles today. Our price match guarantee means you will never pay less for these floors elsewhere. 


Do SPC Floors Need Acclimatising?

Yes, it is important to leave the packs of your SPC flooring in the room you will be installing them in for a couple of days with the heating on in order to let them acclimatise. This will prevent them expanding and popping.