Quick-Step Livyn Pulse Glue Plus

Quick-Step Livyn Pulse Glue Plus

Quick-Step Pulse Glue Plus is a collection of stunningly beautiful high-performing vinyl floors from the house of Quick-Step. Available in large-plank format, these floors are extra durable and ideal for commercial environments that experience heavy foot traffic.

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Quick-Step Livyn Pulse Glue Plus Details

The Quick-Step Pulse Glue Plus floors are available in a variety of wood designs, each real and authentic. A unique 5-layer design makes the floor surface soft and highly comfortable underfoot. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the wide variety of colours available in this range!

If you are specific about the wood detailing, fret not for each of these floors comes with stunning detailing that’s truly wood-like and incomparable!

Despite the 5-layer design, the Quick-Step Pulse Glue Plus floors are not bulky at all! They are exceptionally thin, which makes them an ideal choice for renovations. They are very easy to install, and can simply be installed over an existing subfloor too.

The Quick-Step Pulse Glue Plus floors boast several functional features, which make them a great addition to your place. The surface layer features a Scratch Guard and Stain Guard protection, which makes the floors extremely resistant to scratches, stains and dirt. As a result, cleaning the floor is super simple and easy.

Maintaining the floors is also a quick job. It’s cost-effective too as you need only a single product to care for the floor.

The Quick-Step Pulse Glue Plus floors are highly water-resistant, which makes them a great choice for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. At last, a single floor type that is suitable for all rooms in the home!

Pulse Glue Plus floors need a glue down installation. This method involves the use of adhesives to glue down the floor to the base. This method results in a floor that is extremely stable and safe underfoot. The presence of a moisture-resistant vinyl backing ensures extra stability and helps prevent damage from cupping and warping.

These planks measure 1515 mm x 217mm x 2.5mm and feature a solid 25-year warranty.

The Quick-Step Pulse Glue-Plus is definitely a great addition to your home or office! Buy the floors at the lowest rates at Stories Flooring. Check out the entire collection right away to take your pick.