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Oiled Engineered Wood Flooring

Oiled Engineered Wood Flooring

Add a natural, beautiful look to the home with our oiled engineered wood flooring. These high-quality floors are available in a wide range of stunning shades. The oiled surface provides excellent strength and expands the floor’s longevity. Our oiled wood floors are sold with great guarantees at low, affordable prices.

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About Oiled Flooring

Oiled engineered wood flooring is both tough and beautiful. The oil brings out the natural characteristics of the wood. This leaves you with a very natural looking finish. You can choose from a huge range of well-known brands, alongside our own oiled range. 

One benefit of oiled flooring is that it can easily be repaired. The oil soaks through to the inner wood, allowing you to re-sand and finish it with ease. After sanding the top layer, the wood will still have an oil coating. However, we still recommend applying another coat if you do sand it down. 

Another benefit of oiled floors is that they are naturally anti-static. This means dust won’t accumulate as much as it would on other finishes. The floors are easy enough to maintain and they stand up well against wear and tear. Compared to lacquered floors, they also hide scratches and dents easier.

You will find oiled wood flooring is a little higher maintenance than lacquered flooring. However, as the oil provides greater protection, these floors will last a lot longer. They will also require fewer major repairs throughout the years. 

With oiled engineered wood flooring, the colour tends to deepen over time. This means your new floor will look beautiful for many years to come. Some oiled floors also come with UV protection. This prevents fading when placed in areas with high levels of sunlight. 


Oiled engineered planks are straightforward to install. They tend to feature tongue and groove installation. This enables the planks to be quickly slotted together. You can use the tongue and groove system for floating floor installation. 

You can also secure the floor down if preferred. Use the glue or nail down method to produce a secure and durable fit. The floor you purchase will come with its own installation instructions you can follow. 

Take a look at our full range of engineered floors. Many offer free samples, allowing you to compare your options. Stories Flooring is proud to offer the lowest priced oiled wood flooring online.

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