Moduleo Vinyl Flooring brings to you the best in luxury vinyl flooring. Moduleo brings to you three exclusive collections namely Moduleo Select, Moduleo Transform and Moduleo Impress. Each collection features floors that are stunning, practical and extremely durable. Moduleo floors are incredible in their resemblance to real wood with the most minute details replicated with breath-taking clarity.

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Moduleo Vinyl Flooring Details

The Moduleo Select collection offers a wide range of wood and stone effect floors. The Transform range is known for its excellent durability and awe-inspiring patterns carefully reproduced to create stunning floors that never cease to amaze. The Impress range impresses with its unbelievable depth of details such as grooves, knots and lines, as seen on real wood floors. All thanks to the advanced registered emboss texture technology it relies on.

Moduleo floors pack in a range of benefits that make them an indispensable selection for buyers looking for fantastic looks and extensive practical functions.

These floors are moisture resistant; you don't have to think twice before using them in your bathrooms and kitchen. A multi-layer design featuring an advanced and tough wear layer makes these floors resistant to scratches and scuffs.

These floors possess excellent insulation property, which means you'll have a warm floor underfoot unlike the cold touch of stone floors. What's more, these floors are compatible with underfloor heating too.

Built with a tough soundproof layer, these floors are great at absorbing sound, which results in a silent floor that doesn't complain when people walk, kids jump, pets play, or objects fall with unexpected force.

Moduleo floors are built to be extremely hygienic. They do not, therefore, promote bacteria, dust mites or allergens.

Cleaning the floors is simple, regular dry mopping and vacuuming are enough. You don't need expensive floor cleaners to maintain the floor in its original look and beauty.

Moduleo floors are built to last. Depending on the model and area of application (residential/ commercial), floors come with a warranty of 15 to 20 years. Featuring the click-lock technology, these floors are easy to install too.

You will find an extensive stock of Moduleo floors at Stories Flooring. And we assure you of some of the lowest prices in the UK. Explore the Moduleo range now.