The Malmo range of vinyl floors is a perfect choice when you want floors that are beautiful, elegant, high on quality and extremely durable. The floors are crafted and designed with care and passion to replicate the exact feel and look of hardwood while offering all the benefits of a vinyl floor.

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Malmo Vinyl Flooring Details

Malmo vinyl floors can be installed with complete confidence in any residential or commercial space. Manufactured with a waterproof core, these floors can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms and other wet spaces.

Their superb quality and durability make these floors perfect for restaurants, office spaces, hotels and retail outlets and other places with heavy footfall.

The planks in the Malmo range feature a dense wear layer that is extremely resilient to impact. In fact, such is the strength and manufacturing standard of these premium vinyl floors that they are resistant to cracks, chipping or indentations no matter how much load your floors have to take.

Added to that is their high slip resistant rating that makes these floors extremely safe for people of all ages.

The Malmo range should be your first choice when looking for highly durable flooring. In fact, the company proudly offers a 25-year warranty on domestic installations and a 10-year warranty for commercial installations.

The Malmo vinyl range offers floors in a wide variety of dimensions, stylish designs and contemporary finish. Although cost-effective, there is no compromise on the quality of these vinyl floors. These floors retain their sheen and colour for years and are impervious to scratches and cuts.

Malmo vinyl floors are also easy to install and require minimum maintenance. Most of the planks are also suitable for water-pipe encased underfloor heating of up to 27ÀöC. The planks are environment-friendly too and contain no formaldehyde or heavy metals.

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