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Lifestyle Floors Westminster

Lifestyle Floors Westminster

Lifestyle Floors Westminster introduces you to rich shades of oak. Floors in this range are a great addition to modern homes, thanks to their stunning shades and practical usability.

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Lifestyle Floors Westminster

If you are looking for an affordable and low maintenance alternative to hardwood flooring, look no further than the Westminster range from Lifestyle Floors!

Lifestyle Floors Westminster features floors with bevelled edges. This design helps impart the look and feel of wood more realistically. These floors feature a decor layer with a stunning photo-realistic image of real oak. All these features translate into floors that are breath-taking in their resemblance to natural oak.

From deeper shades to lighter and medium-dark tones, there is a colour to suit every room, taste and mood.

Installation is easy and quick with the Lifestyle Floors Westminster. The planks can be fitted using the glue-free click system, which results in a secure installation and a highly stable floor.

The Westminster range from Lifestyle Floors is built to last. These floors come with a warranty of 20 years. They are great for living and dining rooms, bedrooms, lounges, halls and kitchens. These floors are even compatible with underfloor heating.

The Lifestyle Floors Westminster is a highly practical flooring that's designed to suit the modern lifestyle. These floors are highly resistant to spills and stains. This means that they're not as easily damaged as wood floors.

A light routine of dry mopping or sweeping daily and an occasional wet mopping will keep these floors clean and dry.

The practical design does in no way compromise the superior quality of these floors. Lifestyle Floors Westminster floors are comfortable to walk on. They impart a soft feel, and are warm to the touch.

These floors also ensure hygienic interiors. Manufactured using high-end technology, these floors are moisture resistant (though not 100% waterproof). Layers within the planks are designed to prevent problems like warping (a great drawback of natural wood floors).

Whether you have a tight budget or are looking for low maintenance flooring, Lifestyle Floors Westminster will meet every need of yours.

Explore the range today to make your unique choice!

Lifestyle Floors Westminster

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