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Interface Carpet Tiles

Interface Carpet Tiles

Interface Carpet Tiles are specially designed and crafted by InterFLoor, the global leader in commercial carpet tiles. These tiles are a reflection of the company’s commitment to creating healthy interiors that keep people happy while ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

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Interface Carpet Description

Featuring award-winning designs and innovative technology, these carpet tiles offer much more when compared to regular carpets in terms of performance and convenience.

These carpet tiles are extremely durable and can take a lot of impact without showing any signs of rippling, tapping or curling. They are made from premium quality, commercial-grade, 100% solution-dyed fibres. Combined with a dense fibre construction process, these tiles boast excellent durability and longevity.

The Interface tiles are also resistant to fading.

The tiles are protected from moisture intrusion through the patented Intersept preservative layer. This protective layer keeps the tiles free from the growth of mould and bacteria. When maintained properly, these floors are guaranteed to keep your interiors healthy and safe.

Interface Carpet Tiles are extremely eco-friendly. Most of the materials used are recycled from old tiles to reduce waste and improve sustainability. Moreover, the tiles are free of harmful chemicals and have zero toxic emission. Once installed, they will keep your interiors smelling clean and fresh.

These tiles are installed through the innovative TacTiles technology. Through this method, individual carpet tiles are joined securely to each other for a sturdy fit and finish. This is then installed as a floating floor over any existing floor be it wood, concrete, laminate or vinyl. The entire process is glue-less, quick and cost-effective.

There’s no trace of VOC and installing these tiles leaves almost 90% less carbon footprint as compared to traditional glue-down installations.

Interface Carpet Tiles use high-grade backing for excellent adherence that makes them almost slip-resistant. They are also compatible with underfloor heating systems.

Interface Carpet Tiles

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