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Engineered Cherry Flooring

Engineered Cherry Flooring

Give the home an exotic look with our engineered cherry floors collection. They provide a warm and elegant design, ideal for the bedroom, lounge or hallway. Their timeless appeal makes them a wise investment for any family home.

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About Engineered Cherry Floors

Cherry is a sought-after flooring material. It benefits from a rich, warm colour which adds a welcoming feel to the room. Our range of cherry floors are available in a variety of effects. Choose from 1-strip, 3-strip or wide plank designs. 

One of the best benefits of engineered flooring is its strength. It is one of the toughest flooring materials, making it suitable for family homes. Even in high traffic areas, these floors will resist scratches, scuffs and daily wear and tear. This enhances their great value for money. 

The density of cherry wood also makes it naturally fire and bug resistant. There are natural oils in the wood which kill off spores and mites. This means cherry flooring is suitable for those with allergies. You will also find them easy to maintain, keeping dust and dirt at bay. 

Cherry wood is known for its heat resistance. This makes engineered cherry flooring ideal for use with underfloor heating. It won't warp or damaged when exposed to temperature changes. It also adds versatility to the floor. You can install it in almost any area of the home. 

Over the lifespan of the floor, you will be able to refinish it several times. The number of times you can sand and refinish the floor will depend upon its depth. The thicker the wear layer, the more times it can be refinished. This helps you to keep the floor looking brand new for years to come. 

These floors can help to make the home appear warmer and more inviting. However, be aware that they can make small spaces appear even smaller. Darker flooring is best suited to moderate to larger rooms. 


In general, wooden floors can be installed in several different ways. The easiest and most popular method is tongue and groove floating floor installation. Most engineered floors come with a tongue and groove system allowing the planks to simply slot together. They don’t need to be secured to the floor, which makes the planks easier to repair and replace. 

The other methods include nail and glue down. Both methods secure the planks down to the subfloor. This produces a more stable finish though it will be difficult to repair and replace the planks. 

Your new floor will come with full installation instructions so sure you follow these to install the floor correctly. 

Browse our full engineered flooring range for many other options available.


Engineered Cherry Flooring

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