Balterio Magnitude

Balterio Magnitude

Add pure luxury into your interiors with the bold Balterio Magnitude collection. Featuring a matt shiny surface, these floors look and feel like real oak. Their true to nature appearance adds depth to the home, while their high-quality design ensures they will last for years to come.

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About Magnitude by Balterio

The Magnitude collection is part of Balterio's laminate flooringrange who provide luxury flooring at an affordable cost. Created using unique Chromezone technology, the floors boast a beautiful shiny matt surface. This also provides a realistic effect, making it hard to tell they aren’t made from solid wood. 

Each pack will cover up to 2.1551 square metres. The planks measure 1261mm long, 190.5mm wide and 8mm deep. Rated AC4, they are designed to be used in heavy residential areas. You can also use them in moderate commercial areas. There are four unique designs to choose from, each sold with a great 25-year residential or 12-year commercial warranty.

The Balterio Magnitude collection boasts an advanced protective layer. This helps to protect the surface against wear and tear. So, not only do the floors look fantastic, they also perform incredibly well. Even in high traffic areas, you won’t need to worry about wear and tear. 

You can increase the comfort of these floors in the colder weather by installing them with underfloor heating. It is advisable to ensure your system is compatible before you install the floor, otherwise the warranty could become void. Always follow manufacturer's instructions when installing with any underfloor heating system.

The high-quality design of these floors means they provide great sound absorption properties. You’ll find them quiet and comfortable to walk over, making them well suited for use in high traffic areas. 

The textured surface doesn’t just add a realistic effect to the floor, it also helps with slip resistance. This makes the Magnitude range suitable for family homes. 

Balterio Magnitude Installation & Maintenance

You’ll find the click system included on the planks is very straightforward to use. It requires minimal effort, enabling you to click the planks together for a speedy fit. You don’t need any previous floor-fitting experience to install it either. If you do need help with the installation process, you can give us a call and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.

To maintain the floor, you can get away with largely dry cleaning it. Vacuuming or sweeping the floor daily will eliminate dirt and debris. You can also give it an occasional mop to keep it looking shiny and new. Just remember it isn’t waterproof, so the mop should be damp, rather than soaking wet.

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