Balterio Fortissimo

Balterio Fortissimo

Transform your home with one of the toughest laminates on the market. The exclusive Balterio Fortissimo collection is Balterio’s strongest and most impressive range. The floors in this collection not only look like the real thing, but they also perform like real wood too. When only the best laminate flooring will do, this range is difficult to beat.

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About Balterio Fortissimo

There are four remarkable designs to choose from in the Fortissimo collection. Each one features a dramatically realistic wood effect, with each grain and knot highlighted perfectly. Designed with heavy duty use in mind, these floors come with an outstanding lifetime warranty for maximum reassurance.

Each pack will cover up to 1.4368 square metres. The planks measure a staggering 12mm thick, 1257mm long and 190.5mm wide. They are rated AC5 Grade, which means they can also be installed within a heavy commercial environment. When installed in a commercial setting, a 15-year warranty is provided.

Advertised as the strongest collection in the Balterio range, you can expect to receive impressive benefits when investing in these floors. Their durability is especially noteworthy, with the surface boasting excellent wear resistance and water resistance. These floors are designed with heavy use in mind, capable of being installed in both domestic and commercial environments. 

A sound absorption system is also included in the planks, reducing sound for a quieter effect. This makes them an especially great choice for high-traffic areas and upstairs rooms. Their comfort can also be boosted by installing them with underfloor heating. Make sure your system is suitable by checking manufacturer guidelines.

As the floors are water-resistant, you can easily and safely install them within wet environments. This enables you to create a wooden effect in rooms typically unsuitable for real wood flooring installation, such as the bathroom. 

Balterio Fortissimo Installation & Maintenance

Installing the Balterio Fortissimo range is simple thanks to the included click system. The planks simply click together to form a strong, watertight fit. You won’t need any adhesive or nails and the process is simple enough for even DIY beginners to follow.

The maintenance requirements for these floors are also low. You won’t need to spend hours trying to keep this floor clean. Simply give it a daily hoover or a sweep, followed by a weekly mop to remove built-up residue. 

You should find with this very little maintenance, your Balterio floor looks as good as new for many years to come.