Adam Carpets

Adam Carpets

Adam Carpets is a leader in tufted carpets. They were the first manufacturer in the UK to produce 5m broadloom carpets. Known for their innovative designs, you will find a great choice of carpets available. Discover more about Adam Carpets below...
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About Adam Carpets

Adam Carpets was set up in 1926. Initially the brand focused on Axminster carpets. However, they switched to tufting carpet in 1979. There are a lot of great collections on offer, with plenty of luxurious designs to choose from. 


The Flare collection offers a range of zig-zag patterned carpets. They have been designed with heavy use in mind. This makes them a great choice for use on the stairs or in the hallway. Choose from a range of on-trend colours in 4m or 5m widths. 


The Deckchair collection consists of bold striped carpets. Crafted from the finest wool, they are beautiful, soft and comfortable. Ideal for any room, these carpets will really brighten up the space. They are durable too, offering excellent performance. 


The Panache range is a collection of uniquely striped carpets. They are made from 2-ply velvet yarn, ensuring maximum comfort and strength. A bright, striking design helps to breathe new life into the space. Great for high-traffic areas.


The Catherine collection consists of classic and sophisticated carpets. They are created with 2-ply yarn and come with a pile weight of 40oz. There are two design options within the range. These include trellis and pin dot designs. Choose from a selection of 15 different colours. 

Fine Worcester Twist: 

The Fine Worcester Twist collection is one of the finest offered by the brand. These carpets are renowned for their luxurious designs. They are constructed with twin needles, giving them a unique look. There are 65 colours available and they come in 4m and 5m widths.

Each collection by Adam Carpets offers style, comfort and strength. Take a look at the entire range today, available at the lowest prices online.