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31.05.18 Blog

Kahrs ID Chevron Collection Review

Written by: Yarl Christie

Kahrs has always been known for its premium engineered wood floors. Innovation has always been an integral part of Kahrs floors. This is the company that introduced the world to engineered wood in 1941. Naturally, expect nothing less than spectacular floors from this world-leading flooring manufacturer.

The first look of the Kahrs ID Chevron Collection reveals that the company continues to stand to its reputation.

The flooring specialist has re-invented the graceful Chevron pattern with the ID collection preserving the Chevron’s classic beauty while giving it a contemporary twist. Delve beyond the stunning beauty, the brains and the technology behind each floor reveal themselves.

Kahrs ID Chevron Collection In-Depth Review

The Chevron pattern is a result of a series of zigzags, which can at a cursory glance, seem like a sophisticated 3D pattern. Once a popular design for traditional interiors, the pattern has found its way into contemporary flooring, and is today one of the most sought-after designs for commercial and residential interiors.

Kahrs has tremendously succeeded in bringing together the pure richness of wood and the extraordinary beauty of the Chevron pattern. Each floor features striped zigzags beautifully elevating the rich wood texture.

This range features floors in an array of dark and light shades.

The illusion of an elevated pattern in the floor design and the different shades allow you to create the most striking of effects. You can even bring optical illusions by positioning lights strategically.

ID floorboards are brushed, which brings out the natural texture of the wood. Boards also carry partial handcrafting effect, which highlights the natural characteristics of the wood further. As a result of these treatments, ID floors look and feel like solid hardwood floors.

These surface treatments are natural and are free of toxic substances such as isocyanate, formaldehyde and solvents.

Kahrs ID Chevron Collection features a multi-layer construction, which makes these floors extremely stable and durable. Adding to the durability and wear resistance is the 15mm thick planks.

No wonder then that these floors boast a 30-year warranty.

The multi-layer structure of the flooring imparts exceptional stability to the floors. Seasonal changes in humidity and temperature levels do not have any impact on the stability of the floors. This makes the floors a great choice for spaces like conservatories where seasonal environmental changes are expected.

These floors are easy to maintain. Follow a regular cleaning routine using a vacuum cleaner or a broom to remove dry dust and dirt. Damp clean the floor using a well-wrung out mop or cloth to remove stubborn stains.

These floors employ the tongue-and-groove method for installation. This glue-based installation method results in strong and firm joints. It greatly reduces the vertical movement of boards, which means you’ll experience excellent stability underfoot.

Kahrs is known for its environment-friendly manufacturing practices. The ID collection is no different. All the wood is procured through sustainable methods. The multi-layer design ensures optimal utilisation of wood.

Any wood debris is recycled and used as an energy source.

Kahrs ID Chevron Collection Features at a Glance

  • Beautiful Chevron-patterned floors in dark and light shades
  • Partial handcrafting results in a stunning and unique design
  • Natural toxic-free surface treatments enhance the beauty and strength of the floors while contributing to healthy interiors
  • Highly eco-friendly floors
  • Multi-layer design gives exceptional durability, stability and strength to the floors
  • Ready-made pattern boards make installation easy and quick
  • Tongue and Groove method of installation results in strong joints and excellent floor stability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compatible with underfloor heating systems
  • 30-year warranty

Our Verdict

Kahrs ID Chevron Collection boasts a lot of features that are indispensable to modern living. Great looks, low maintenance, high durability and green construction are some of them. Even if you feel these floors are a little out of your budget, they would be a wise buy, given that these floors are built to last for decades.