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Kährs Activity Engineered Wood Floor Review

Written by: Yarl Christie

Kährs, the Swedish flooring expert is known around the world for its stunning and high-performing engineered wood floors. Kährs floors are also environmentally-advanced, employing sustainable manufacturing methods and design techniques.

Kährs Activity carries all the features expected of leading flooring brand Kährs. The functional features of the floors are strongly backed by advanced technology and rich creative thinking and offer a range of lasting benefits to users.

Kährs Activity In-Depth Review

The Activity range of floors comprises a 3-stripboard pattern. This pattern consists of 3 strips of wood, each differing in its width. These strips are combined into a single block and bonded to a wood base.

This 3-strip design creates a series of wider floorboards, which makes floor installation quick and easy. The design also imparts admirable strength and stability to the floors.

These floors are available in a variety of wood options including maple, oak and beech. The wood texture is beautifully reflected on the surface. If you are looking for medium grains on the surface, the Hard Maple is a fine choice. If you are looking for details that are distinctly visible, the Oak is the best choice. Beech floor is discreet in its reflection of grains.

The satin lacquer finish enhances the floor’s appearance, adding a glossy sheen to the surface. The satin treatment also imparts excellent wear resistance to the floors making the Kährs Activity range ideal for high-traffic areas.

The satin lacquer treatment also makes maintenance a breeze. A daily cleaning schedule using a vacuum or a broom will help remove dry dust and dirt while preventing any build-up of dirt. An occasional damp mopping routine will help remove stubborn stains. Remember to use a well-wrung out mop or cloth for deep cleaning.

The best part of the Kährs Activity Engineered Wood Floor range is its innovative Woodloc 5S joint system. This joint mechanism involves the use of a special locking tongue in the floor design, which makes locking boards into place easier.

These floors have the strongest joints thanks to the Woodloc 5S system.

The Woodloc 5S does not require any glue, which makes installation mess-free.

Since boards can be locked and set in place easily, installation is quick and easy. In addition, the Woodloc 5S prevents the need for expansion joints for a major portion of the installation area, which eases installation further and reduces the time for the process.

Since these boards prevent any gaps in between, the risk of surface moisture seeping into the floors is prevented thereby reducing the risk of floor damage. Further, the floor is extremely resistant to shape distortions that can be caused by changes in temperature and humidity in the atmosphere.

As a result, the floor is extremely stable during all seasons.

These floors are manufactured using sustainable practices. More trees are given back to the environment to compensate for the wood used in producing these floors. Wood debris is minimal and is recycled to provide energy to households.

Kährs Activity Features at a Glance

  • Beautiful, sustainable and functional floors
  • 3-stripboard pattern enhances floor looks and durability
  • Available in attractive shades
  • Satin lacquer treatment imparts a long-lasting shine to the floor surface
  • These floors are free of toxic substances such as solvents, formaldehyde and isocyanate
  • Great choice for traffic-heavy areas
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • The use of Woodloc 5S results in the strongest joints and an extremely stable floor
  • Woodloc 5S ensures gap-free joints
  • No need for expansion joints for 75% installation area
  • Floors are designed to be ready for use immediately after installation
  • Excellent floor stability at all times

Our Verdict

Kährs Activity Floor is a stunning floor. A range of features including an innovative joint system makes this range a wonderful choice for your home.