Discover the brand new Texture, Royal and Life collections from Kahrs. Learn more about the features of these floors.

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: April 16, 2021

Introducing Our New Kahrs Collections for 2021

At Stories Flooring, we strive to offer the latest flooring trends at the lowest prices. This year, we are adding three exclusive new Kahrs collections to our catalogue. Each collection boasts a superior quality build with a great choice of designs.

Learn more about the new Kahrs flooring ranges for 2021 below…

Kahrs Texture Collection

Benefitting from a minimalist design, the Kahrs Texture Collection is a superior range of engineered wood floors. Celebrating the natural beauty of oak, the floors come with a natural matt oil coating. Helping you to create an elegant, peaceful effect in the home, these beautiful floors will complement any décor.

Kahrs Texture Collection

There are a number of benefits with this range, such as the easy to use Woodloc 5S system. This allows you to quickly install the floors by yourself, simply clicking them together. You can also install them with underfloor heating for added comfort. Choose from a range of light, natural looking designs.

Kahrs Royal Collection

Featuring dynamic grading and ultra-wide planks, the new Kahrs Royal Collection is packed full of character. These engineered wood floors come with 305mm wide boards and benefit from a real oak surface. The surface has been brushed to highlight the natural beauty of the wood. It also comes with a striking white tint, setting these floors apart from the crowd.

Kahrs Royal Collection

Sold with a 30-year warranty, this is one of the toughest engineered flooring collections on the market. You can re-sand them up to three times, ensuring they look as good as new for decades. This isn’t just great for aesthetics, it’s also great for your wallet too.

Kahrs Life Collection

Last, but certainly not least, we are also introducing the new Kahrs Life Collection into our range. This incredible collection launches in April 2021 and will offer a variety of wood-effect designs. The floors feature a vinyl backing and a hardwood top layer, creating a unique and touch design.

Kahrs Life Collection

These beautiful floors are really easy to install as they come with the Woodloc 5G click system. You just need to click the vinyl tiles together to install them quickly and easily. The great thing about this flooring is that it provides superior performance on a budget. The floors will stand up well against wear and tear, highlighted by their excellent 15-year guarantee.

Each of the new collections offer superior quality and design. They can all be used alongside underfloor heating for year-round comfort and they are easy to install.

our collections to include the latest in flooring innovations. These new Kahrs ranges will be available in our online store throughout 2021, at the lowest prices online.

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