Discover the popular types of flooring set to dominate the sector in 2022

Written by: Yarl Christie

Published on: January 21, 2022

Flooring Trends for 2022 - Which Are Most Popular?

Are you looking to update your home or business with on-trend flooring? Each year, the flooring industry evolves to cater to new trends and emerging markets.

In 2021, grey floors, herringbone & parquet, and Japandi style interiors were all the rage. So, what can you expect from the flooring trends for 2022? Read on to discover the top trends set to dominate the sector over the next year.

Scandi Flooring

Scandi, or Scandinavian flooring, was a massive trend in 2021. This year, its popularity shows no signs of slowing down, with homeowners favouring its light, natural and versatile design.

Wooden flooring produces the most natural Scandinavian design. However, it is possible to create the look with SPC or LVT flooring if you are on a tight budget. The key is to choose a light or white coloured floor with a natural design.

Scandi Flooring Is A Popular Style Of Flooring In 2022

For best results when creating this look, choose a light coloured engineered or solid wood floor with a natural oiled surface. Oil tends to give the floor a more natural appearance when compared to a lacquered finish.

Bleached Wood

Another key flooring trend for 2022 is bleached wood. Helping to produce a natural, softer look, bleached wood is extremely popular with homeowners across the UK.

During the product process, some chemicals are applied to the planks to achieve the bleached effect to help remove the brown colouring of the wood. The natural design left behind brightens up the room and blends in perfectly with your existing décor.

This style of wood fits in well with the Scandi theme. So, why not double up on this year’s flooring trends by installing a bleached wood floor.

SPC Flooring

One of the newest flooring styles on the market, SPC flooring, is sure to be a big hit this year. Short for Stone Plastic Composite, SPC floors are a step up from LVT flooring, offering a solid, durable core.

These floors are available in a vast choice of wood, parquet, and stone effects to suit practically any environment. They also come with stain and water resistance and are made up of many layers similar to engineered wood. A typical SPC floor includes a UV coating, wear layer, SPC print layer, SPC core, and a final backing layer.

SPC Flooring Is A Popular Type Of Flooring In 2022

One of the main benefits of SPC flooring is that it doesn’t require a considerable amount of maintenance. These floors will look and perform like new for many years to come, with minimal cleaning needed.

Parquet Flooring

With its luxurious design, parquet flooring is unsurprisingly still going strong in 2022. Once reserved for the wealthiest homeowners, these floors are available to a wide range of budgets today.

Traditional parquet floors are created from wood, but there are alternative options such as LVT or SPC for the budget-conscious. They each feature a unique patterned design, and you can often mix and match them to create a fully customised look.

This year, parquet flooring is a big bedroom flooring trend. It is also an excellent choice for the home office, lounge, and hallway.

Wide Plank Flooring

Wide plank flooring has become increasingly popular over the past few years. In 2022, the trend continues as it is a favourite by homeowners and interior designers alike. Floors with a wide plank design help open a room, giving it a more spacious feel. They are also easier to install due to their larger size.

Flooring Trends in 2022 - Wide Plank Flooring

You will find we offer an excellent range of LVT, SPC, engineered, and solid wood wide plank floors. Look out for floors that offer a width of more than 4 inches when browsing through our collection.

Bold Bathroom Flooring

If you’re looking to update your bathroom flooring, bold colours are the trend to focus on this year. Giving the bathroom a dramatic transformation, bold floors help to capture attention while producing an ultra-stylish environment.

Bold Bathroom Flooring Is A Popular Trend in 2022

SPC or LVT flooring is best suited for the bathroom. These types of floors also feature plenty of bold colour options. If you decide to invest in an LVT floor for the bathroom, make sure it is fully waterproof. While all LVT floors are moisture-resistant, they are not typically 100% waterproof, which means they will become damaged in high-moisture areas.

Rustic Finishes

Finally, rustic finish flooring will be another major trend for 2022. Think floors with distressed, brushed finished, and hand-scraped finishes.

Rustic style flooring adds character and texture into the home. It produces a natural, elegant finish that adds warmth and beauty into the space. You can purchase rustic grade engineered or solid wood flooring for the most aesthetically pleasing results. Alternatively, you can create a rustic effect with LVT or SPC flooring.

Whichever trend you decide to follow this year, we have the ideal floor to match it.

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