02.04.18 Advice

Benefits of Wide Plank Engineered Floors

Written by: Yarl Christie

Thinking of investing in engineered hardwood floors? Then, you might be confronted with the decision of choosing between wider planks and standard planks.

Floors with planks measuring 5” or more are categorised as wide plank floors. Wide planks offer a variety of benefits that you might not know of. Here are some benefits of wide plank flooring.

Imparts a Seamless Appearance

The extra width gives a broader surface to the floor. This broadness translates into a smooth seamless floor with a consistent and sophisticated look throughout. The wider surface brings out the charm and appeal of wood beautifully. Knots, grains and other exquisite details are highlighted beautifully.

In addition, the wider plank format is available in a variety of shades, textures, wood species and finishes. You can, for example, use a wide plank floor of a lighter shade to make your space look bigger. There are darker tones too, to make your room warmer and intimate.

With wider planks, you’ll have a floor that matches your aesthetic requirements and interior décor requirements exactly.

Facilitates Faster Installation

Wider planks mean that you are working with fewer planks and raw materials. This means that the installation can be completed sooner. This is especially useful for smaller and time-bound projects where time is of the essence.

Faster completion and fewer raw materials mean greater cost savings for you, which makes this type of flooring a significant option for new installations as well as renovations.

Gives Flexibility of Cost and Usability

Wide plank floors are available at varied price points. This way you can choose a floor that fits your budget.

Whether you are a cost-conscious buyer looking for a high-quality low-cost floor or a connoisseur looking for premium floors, you will find a wide plank floor that will meet and even exceed your expectations.

When it comes to usage, wide plank floors can be used in any grade (building level/storey). Moreover, this type of flooring offers excellent moisture resistance and dimensional stability, making it an apt choice for areas such as kitchens and conservatories. These floors go with concrete and wood subfloors.

Enjoy your Floor for Decades

Wide plank flooring from leading manufacturers uses advanced methods and technology to give a floor that is extremely durable and highly resistant to stains, scratches, dents and other damage. These floors are also easy to clean and maintain.

With wide planks, you get beautiful high-performing floors, which, if maintained well, can stay that way for decades. Wide planks impart a unique expression to a floor, which translates into a unique beauty for your space.

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