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25.01.18 Advice

A Guide to Choosing the Right Laminate Floor for Your Home

Written by: Yarl Christie

Choosing the right laminate is all about choosing high-quality floors. With a range of options to choose from, it can be quite difficult to make the right choice. Here's a quick guide to help you choose the right laminate floor for your home.

Determine Your Usage

Does your family include active pets and kids? Does your home see a steady flow of guests?

If yes, then a laminate floor with a tough surface would be the best bet. These floors are designed to withstand heavy usage including heavy foot traffic, the impact of falling objects, frequent pet scratches, and everyday spills and stains.

Choose floors with high Abrasion Criteria Rating. This Rating tells how tough a laminate flooring is. A laminate floor's abrasion tolerance is tested using processes such as Taber Test and a rating is associated accordingly.

Ratings range from AC1 to AC5 with lower numbers indicating a lower level of tolerance.

  • AC1 floors are ideal for very light traffic areas such as bedrooms.
  • AC2 floors can withstand moderate foot traffic, and are ideal for rooms such as dining areas.
  • AC3 can be used for living areas, hallways, and conservatories. They can tolerate lower levels of foot traffic in these areas.
  • AC4 floors can tolerate higher than moderate levels of traffic.
  • AC5 floors tolerate heavy and rough use.

Begin with the End in Mind

Know beforehand how you want the room to look. Do you want to make it look spacious or would you like a smaller, cosier feel?

The end result you want will determine the pattern and colouring of your laminate flooring. Whether you want a traditional, contemporary or rustic effect, having a clear idea it beforehand will enable you to achieve the desired visual effect.

Laminate floors are available in a variety of effects including authentic wood patterns and stunning stone highlights. So, you'll have an array of choices to achieve your desired visual look perfectly.

Installation Requirements

Most laminate floors can be installed without glue using a floating installation method. Such floors just need to be clicked into place for a strong fit. This no-glue method is simple, easier, effective and mess-free. With little expertise, you can fit the floor yourself as a DIY project.

Floating installation also makes it easier to uninstall the floor when needed without causing any damage to the subfloor. This is extremely useful when you want to replace your floor and during relocation.

A high-quality laminate floor gives you the best value for money. At Stories Flooring, we have a range of prestigious laminate flooring brands offering impressive warranties, including 10 and 25 years. Some floors come with a lifetime warranty. We have over 35 years of experience in the UK's flooring industry.

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