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01.10.19 Blog

2019 Popular Flooring Trends

Written by: Yarl Christie

Like most things, flooring trends also change each year. With 2019 just around the corner, we take a look at some flooring trends for the new year. If you are planning to install a new floor, this guide should help you keep up with the trend.

Increased Focus on Natural Materials

In 2019, the focus is on natural flooring materials from species that are found abundantly and regenerate quickly or from recycled natural materials.

So expect a lot of floors in natural materials such as bamboo, reclaimed wood or even cork.

In fact, floors made of cork are gaining in popularity. Sourced from the bark of cork oak tree, it is completely non-toxic and highly durable. Moreover, the trees regenerate very quickly after each harvest.

The Herringbone Parquet Pattern is Making a Comeback

Parquet floors are back with a bang because of their exquisite patterns and complete flexibility. Available in different shapes and sizes from large to tiny, you can create almost any pattern with mosaic.

And the flexibility in size makes them a perfect choice for any area, no matter how small. Whether you love parquet floors or herringbone, chevron or your very own pattern, you can really create the floor of your dream with the mosaic pattern.

Wood Effect Tiles Are Huge

More and more people are installing tiles in wood effect on their floors and the trend is set to become more popular in 2019.

Advanced technology ensures that wood effect tiles look unbelievably like solid wood floors. These tiles are available in a variety of sizes, styles and shades to suit your living spaces. Some tiles feature bevelled edges to further enhance the similarity to hardwood flooring while others have square edges that lend a beautiful, seamless elegance to your floors.

The Rustic Look is In

This is a look that is really going to be hot in 2019. With different finishes such as distressed, reclaimed, brushed and oiled, natural, and freshly sawed, the rustic look has a certain vintage appeal that exudes old-world charm and elegance like no other.


Carpets are also expected to make a comeback in 2019. Although a tad difficult to maintain as compared to other materials like tiles or laminates, carpets have their own distinct appeal and comfort. It is always a pleasure to walk on thick, plush carpeted floors instead of hard tiles or laminates.

Carpets have always held their own place with their exclusive finish and luxurious appeal. Today’s advanced technology ensures that carpets are quite easy to maintain.

Unique Floors in Exotic Species

Homeowners are no longer satisfied with the usual timber choices such as oak, maple or walnut. They are looking for more exotic options that are sourced in a sustainable manner. So expect floors in unusual species such as Merbau, Brazilian cherry, Wenge or Iroko sourced from the tropical forests of Africa.

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